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Logo Design SEO: Optimize to Rank!

You might find it hard to believe but SEO specialists have been optimizing logos for search engine optimization for years now, but some of us do not even realize it! It’s not necessarily going to catapult you on top of every search engine results page, but it does help.

Remember, there are more than 200 SEO ranking signals out there and it helps to be able to do a little bit of everything when you’ve got your eyes set on that number one spot.

However, before we jump into the optimization procedure for logo SEO, let’s explore the topic of how logo designs can affect your conversion rate.


Logo Designs and Conversion Rates

We can write an entire article dedicated to this – we will soon – but to give it to you concisely, yes, your designs do affect your conversion rate.

Remember that it is essential that you build for the user and if the user finds that you have a poorly designed website you won’t get the conversions that you need.

In fact, there is a whole niche of digital marketing called conversion rate optimization where specialists examine user behavior with regard to the properties that you have online and find out how ordinary Jane or John Does react to what you’ve placed online.

But, wait, how about logo design?

Your logo is supposed to encapsulate your brand immediately. It is the single most important piece of branding that you have… design-wise. If you have terrible logo design, how can you expect that the rest of your website won’t follow the same theme? You can’t have a great looking website coupled with a bad logo.

Trust us, you just can’t.

There will be that disconnect that puts off your potential prospects.


SEO for Logo Design

Here are two of the best tips that we have for your logo SEO.


Optimize the File Name

Search engines try their best to read everything and if you want to be able to make sure that you are being tagged for a keyword, you might want to rename that logo file that you’re uploading to either something such as:




Believe it or not, there are a lot of SEOs who still use this tactic in order before uploading their logos on the websites.


Alt-Text for Logos

Alt-text is an HTML tag that is used to describe what a photograph uploaded on a website looks like and if you can’t describe something properly – especially your logo – then your website displaying your logo looks a little incomplete.

It is used to assist web-crawlers in indexing and machine readers that read to the visually impaired.

Now, we’re not saying this is an absolute procedure for your website to be in the first of the SERPs, but it is considered an SEO best practice to this for your alt-text.


Getting your website designs ready to be able to rank and convert online might seem like a Herculean task, but a little optimization here and there really helps you out in the long. For more tips and tricks on digital marketing and design, be sure to follow RMA on Facebook and Instagram!